Should I shower before a hike?

Should I shower before a hike?

It’s a common question for many hikers – should I shower before a hike? The answer is not a straightforward one as it depends on various factors. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of showering before a hike and offer some tips on what to consider when making your decision.

Personal Hygiene and Comfort

Taking a shower before a hike can provide a sense of cleanliness and refreshment. It can help remove any dirt, sweat, or bacteria from your skin, which can reduce the chances of developing skin irritations or infections. Additionally, it can provide a pleasant fragrance and prevent body odor, which can be particularly important if you plan on hiking with a group or if you are hiking in hot weather.

However, showering before a hike can also strip your skin of natural oils, leaving it dry and prone to chafing. This can be especially uncomfortable during a long hike, as you may start to feel the effects of dry skin after several hours on the trail.


Showering before a hike can also have an impact on your body’s ability to regulate its temperature. When you shower, your body is subjected to a sudden change in temperature, which can cause your core temperature to drop. This can be particularly dangerous if you are hiking in cold weather, as it can increase your risk of hypothermia.

On the other hand, if you are hiking in hot weather, a shower before a hike can help lower your body temperature, providing a brief respite from the heat. This can be especially helpful if you are hiking during the hottest part of the day and need to conserve energy to avoid heat exhaustion.

Pre-hike Prep

It’s important to consider your pre-hike preparation when deciding whether to shower before a hike. If you plan on applying insect repellent, sunscreen, or other topical products, it may be best to shower before applying them. This can help prevent skin irritation and ensure that the products are evenly distributed.

Additionally, if you have long hair, it may be best to shower before a hike to avoid getting hair in your face while on the trail.

In the end, whether or not to shower before a hike is a personal choice that depends on various factors, including personal hygiene, comfort, thermoregulation, and pre-hike preparation. When making your decision, consider the weather conditions, the length of your hike, and your personal preferences. And, as always, make sure to stay hydrated and bring enough water with you on the trail.

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