What are the 10 hiking rules?

woman on hammock near to river

The 10 hiking rules are:
1. Always hike with a partner or group.

2. Leave no trace and take nothing but pictures, leave nothing behind but footprints in the sand.

3. Respect wildlife and do not approach, feed, or harass animals.

4. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep an eye out for cliffs, rockslides, and other potential dangers lurking around every bend in the trail.

5. Dress for the weather and be prepared for rain, snow, and extreme heat/cold conditions! Bring sunscreen and hats if necessary!

6. Stay on marked trails – stay away from unmarked side trails that may lead you astray or to dangerous areas (such as cliff edges). If in doubt about a trail’s safety, always err on the side of caution and stick to the designated path!

7 . Carry enough water – even if you’re only planning on taking a short break along your hike; it’s important to drink plenty of fluids so that you don’t become dehydrated during your walk (and potentially suffer from exhaustion later!). Make sure to pack extra drinking water just in case something goes wrong along your journey…you never know when an emergency supply might come in handy! 😉

8 . Don’t forget your phone charger – whether you’re using it to snap some pics while hiking or keeping up with social media updates back home; always make sure to bring along a charged phone battery so that you can stay connected while out on foot!

9 . Be patient – don’t expect everything to happen overnight; sometimes hikes can take longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances such as heavy rains or difficult terrain (remember: slow & steady wins the race!).

10 . Have fun!! Hiking is supposed to be enjoyable- make sure not only do you follow all of these guidelines religiously while hiking outdoors but also enjoy yourself by taking some time for relaxation after completing each trekking adventure!

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